6th February 2024 - Agenda

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09:30 - 09:45 Welcome

  • Hasan Introduction
  • Agenda for the day
  • Dashboard – any Panel comments/observations on priority items only as time is short.
  • Action log – Secretariat to comment purely on any incomplete actions as time is short.
  • Matt

  • Hasan
  • Matt
  • All

  • Trisha
  • 09:45 - 11:45 Strategic Plan – agree final version.

  • Draft work plan & annual report messages:

    Discuss draft work plan ideas – where the Panel want to focus in 24-25/what should be focussed on at which meetings/what does this mean in terms of potential research.
  • High-level annual report messages – Panel comments and requirement for any research activity associated with the report.
  • All
    12:00- 13:00 HiB – developing & supporting the Panel’s thinking.
  • Discussion of questions posed by the paper
  • Discussion of other comments/views the Panel has
  • Roanna and Panel
    13:00- 14:00 LUNCH Informal discussion over sandwich lunch with Existing Homes Alliance (Elizabeth Leighton) & Energy Action Scotland (Frazer Scott) to hear their thoughts on the HiB consultationAll
    14:00 – 14:30 NOT scheduled to allow for any run/allow for a short break All
    14:30 – 15:30 Overview of Heat in Buildings consultation
  • SG's approach to the consultation
  • the process
  • the legislative plan
  • Madeleine Plater(P) – Head of Heat in Buildings Domestic Regulations and Enforcement Unit

    [Also in attendance:
    15:30- 16:00 The HiB M&E framework and its place in the HiB consultation. Annie Howden(V) – Heat Strategy and Programme Team Leader

    [Also in attendance: Neal Rafferty(P) - Head of Heat Strategy and Consumer Policy Unit Catrin Cooper(V) - Heat in Buildings Policy, Regulation and Programme Delivery Manager] Robbie Lambie(V) - Heat in Buildings Policy Officer
    16:00 - 16:30 The Fuel Poverty Monitoring & Evaluation Framework

  • An update on Progress
  • Douglas Armstrong(P) - Fuel Poverty Policy Team Leader

    [Also in attendance: Alice Hall (P) – DD Better Homes Naeem Bhatti (P) – Head of Fuel Poverty & Housing Standards Nichelle Gill(P); Samanthan Doherty(P) & Mandy Lee(P) (FP Team) Zach Thompson(V) & Anna Scrimgeour (V)(Analyst Team)
    16:30 – 16:45 Panel reflections All
    16:45 - 17:00 AOB

  • Research update
  • March meeting - update (plan plus media messages)
  • HES
  • Date for Scottish Housing Conditions Survey Presentation
  • All

  • Kirsten/Roanna
  • Trisha/Philippa
  • Philippa
  • All
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