The Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel - Workplan 2024-2025

This is the Panel’s workplan for 2024-2025.

The Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel Workplan – March 2024 – April 2025.pdf

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  1. The House of Commons Library (February 2024), Gas and electricity prices during the ‘energy crisis’ and beyond , February 2023 – “-Under the January to March 2024 direct debit price cap the average annual bill for typical gas and electricity consumption is £1,928. This is below the £2,380 level under the Energy Price Guarantee from October 2022 to June 2023, but 59% higher than in Winter 2021/22.
  2. Introduction – Scottish House Condition Survey: 2022 Key Findings – (
  3. Letter from John Swinney to Sir Keir Starmer, Tackling child poverty: letter from First Minister John Swinney to Sir Keir Starmer – ( – energy costs comprise around a fifth of the JRF essentials’ guarantee which the First Minister advocates.
  4. According to the Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS) in 2022 27% of families were in fuel poverty and 10% were in extreme fuel poverty. In the SHCS ‘families’ are defined as “households which contain at least one child aged under 16.
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