The Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel - Strategic Plan 2024-2027

This is the Panel’s first Strategic Plan. It covers three years – 2024-2027 – and will inform the Panel’s work over the next three years. It sets out the Panel’s strategic goals, what it aims to do to deliver these and how it will measure its progress. There is an accompanying logic model which is a visual representation of how the Panel expect its strategic goals (inputs) to be achieved (outcomes) through its work (outputs).

The Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel Strategic Plan 2024-2027.pdf

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  1. The Panel uses the term “fuel poverty” as this aligns with legislation, policy and the wider naming convention for describing the struggle to afford satisfactory levels of energy provision, comfort, and warmth. The Panel’s conceptualisation of “fuel poverty” is wider than the term suggests – “fuel poverty” for the Panel equates to energy poverty.
  2. See blog on the Panel’s website for an explanation of Scotland’s fuel poverty definition and graphic.
  4. Scotland’s first statutory interim target is that in 2030 no more than 15% of households in Scotland are in fuel poverty, no more than 5% of households in Scotland are in extreme fuel poverty, the median fuel poverty gap is no more than £350.
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