3rd October 2023 - Meeting Minutes

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Minutes of Meeting on Tuesday 3rd October 2023

Venue: 5, Atlantic Quay, Glasgow,

Time:  10:00 – 17:00

Type:  in-person


Panel: Matthew Cole (Chair), Kirsten Jenkins, Alister Steele, Fraser Stewart

Virtual: Margaret Corrigan

Secretariat:   Philippa Brosnan & Patricia Melvin


AGENDA ITEM 1:    Welcome

Matthew Cole welcomed everyone to the meeting. Matthew noted a busy agenda and advised that he will need to leave the meeting for an hour to attend the re-arranged final meeting of the Vulnerable Consumers’ Energy Working Group. Matt gave an update on activity since the last meeting. Matt advised he has met with the policy team. Two scheduled meetings with Ms Martin and the Head of Better Homes were cancelled: the Secretariat are looking to re-arrange these. Philippa attended the Warm Homes Prescription Trial Evaluation and provided a read out of this to the Panel. Trisha has published the Social Tariff & Strategy recommendations on the website and sent thank you letters to the stakeholders who attended the Panel meeting in Inverness.

AGENDA ITEM 2:    Routine papers & updates

The Panel reviewed the dashboard and the actions from previous meetings. There are some minor amendments to the minutes for the 30th and 31st August meeting.

AGENDA ITEM 3 & 4:  Strategic Priorities

The panel spoke about what have they achieved within the first year. They discussed the strategic priories for 2022-2027 and what these would look like. The panel spoke about their workplan and the contents of the workplan. The panel have agreed to work on these and to be mindful that the strategic plan will need to be agile to allow it to respond to changing needs and priorities.

AGENDA ITEM 5:  Research Paper

The Panel discussed the research paper. They looked at the value for money and spoke about maybe using the University of Edinburgh and a PhD student to do some research work. They spoke about what they could research and how much time they could get for their allocated budget.

 AGENDA ITEM 6: Energy Cloud Paper

 The Panel noted the Energy Cloud email. They agreed it was a good idea and they would like to see if it works in Ireland. The Panel thought this would be something that should be shared with our stakeholders HEEHAW.

AGENDA ITEM 7:  Model Code of Conduct

 The draft Model Code has been adapted from the Model Code of Conduct. The Model Code is a statutory document, and the expectation is that the Panel’s Code of Conduct should align closely to the Model Code. In line with the Model Code, Panel Members are asked to register any relevant interests. A Register of Interests will be published on the Panel’s website. The Model Code of conduct paper was discussed by the Panel, and they agreed to adapt the draft Model Code of Conduct.

 AGENDA ITEM 8:  Updates

 Philippa gave an update on the UK Boardroom Apprentice Scheme. She also noted that there are a number of corporate demands on the secretariat at the moment, such a Public Service Reform and duties on public bodies. Philippa also advised that the secretariat is looking to recruit a replacement Analytical Manager for Fran.

AGENDA ITEM 9:  Next Panel Meeting

The Panel spoke about the plans for the next meeting and what this would look like. The Panel have Consumer Scotland coming to the November meeting and plan to draft their strategic priorities too.


 AGENDA ITEM 11: Panel Reflections

 Matthew noted it had been a very busy day and thanked the panel for all their thoughts and hard work throughout the day. Matthew Cole drew the meeting to a close, thanking everyone for attending.

The next Panel meeting will be on Tuesday 14th November 2023 in Edinburgh


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