3rd October 2023 - Agenda

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10:00 - 10:45 Welcome

  • Agenda for the day
  • progress of activity since our last meeting
  • Reflection on our first full year of activity
  • What feedback we’ve had from SG (Ms Martin’s acknowledgement of the Panel’s Strategy recommendations
  • Matt
    10:45 - 11:45 Matt will be attending the final meeting of the Vulnerable Consumers Energy Working Group at this point. It’s suggested that this time is used to:

  • Sign off of Panel Meeting Minute 30-31/08
  • Review the action log 30-31/08
  • Consider the dashboard (this is the one supplied for the August meeting with additions). There have been a number of key publications over the Summer – some of these could inform the discussion on the Panel’s strategic priorities
  • Dash board review
  • Panel Members
    11:45- 12:45 Strategic priorities paper Suggest a wide-ranging discussion about the strategic priorities –- 2023-2026 (ahead of discussing the work plan & connected areas – agenda item 4).

    Strategic priorities discussion sets the context for:

  • work plan
  • meeting dates & frequency
  • risk appetite
  • location of Panel meetings;
  • use of research budget;
  • deployment of the Secretariat resource etc
  • All
    12:45- 2:00 LUNCH All
    03:30 – 03:45 Research paper – re-circulated as there was no time for discussion at the last meeting Philippa and All
    03:45 – 4:00 Energy cloud paper - sent as email attachment Alister
    04:00- 04:05 Model code of Conduct (see section 5 – Ethics and standards of Behaviour of the Statutory Board Induction on the Governance Hub) Trisha & All
    04:05 - 04:30 Updates:

  • Shadow Panel Member
  • Public Reform Programme
  • Public body duties (Consumer; Human Rights; Biodiversity)
  • Philippa, Matt and All
    04:30 – 04:45 Next Panel Meeting:

  • Consumer Scotland have been invited already
  • Preparation for Energy Action Scotland Conference on 23rd of November
  • Trisha and All
    16:45 - 16:55 AOB All
    16:55-17:00 Panel Reflection All

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