18th and 19th March 2024 - Agenda

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Lunch will be delivered to AB1, 48 Huntly Street, Aberdeen and available at/soon after arrival
Welcome and Lunch

  • There are a number of items which would benefit from sign off/noting/discussion by the Panel. As time is tight. Matt will decide which items to cover/when. A list of the papers is provided below:

  • Draft minute of the Panel meeting on Tuesday February 6th [plus 14th of Nov] – for sign off
  • Action log – for noting
  • Dashboard – for noting
  • Stakeholder meeting pack – biogs & organisational background - for info. [Fyi - for the stakeholder engagement sessions on the 18th pm & 19th am]
  • Update on the Fuel Poverty Monitoring & Eval. Framework – for discussion
  • Ministerial letter – messages contained in Ms Martin’s letter to the Panel of the 31st of Jan. and some reflections on these - for discussion
  • Workplan – approach to and potential ideas to include, accompanied by potential ideas for an associated research plan – rooted in the “what will we do” sections of the Strategic Plan - initial view on material provided
  • Annual report – potential ideas for inclusion in the Annual Report along with suggestions for “routine” content - initial view on material provided
  • Human Rights’ Bill paper - for noting

    Verbal Updates
  • Panel’s view sought on the presentation of the updated logic model (to be shown on screen at the meeting)
  • Research commission “potential unintended consequences of decarbonisation technology and how could these be mitigated”

    MSc projects -update

    Panel input to PIC’s annual review on the SG’s progress towards meeting their child poverty targets
  • April meeting
  • Matt

    Matt & Panel Members

    Roanna verbal update on the M&E session she attended

    Philippa & Roanna

    Kirsten & Roanna


    Philippa & Roanna

    The main focus of the afternoon will be the Warm Homes Prescription Trial with three of the key players attending. (We expect Rose Chard, Rebecca Sweeney & David Mackay to be there throughout, with Jillian Evans leaving after the first session. We are hoping that someone with lived experience will also attend to give their perspective). There is also a planned photo shoot with Matt, Rose, David and Jillian.
    14:00-14:30 NHS Grampian

  • the trusted party the first contact
  • how this worked
  • the legacy
  • Jillian Evans - Head of Health Intelligence and Divisional General Manger, Public Health, NHS Grampian
    14:30-15:30 Scarf

  • a key partner – assessing needs
  • what you brought to this as a local organisation
  • the legacy?

  • The experience of those with lived experience of fuel poverty who benefited from the Warm Homes Prescription Trial - possibly someone with lived experience attending or their voice mediated by David et al.
  • David Mackay – CEO of SCARF
    15:30 -17:00 Catapult

  • overview of the WHPT, benefits to date
  • the particular learnings for Scotland (63% of the trial cohort were from Aberdeen/the surrounding area)
  • scaling up the pilot – what might this mean/need in the Scottish context?
  • Rose Chard – Fair Future Programme Lead at Energy Systems Catapult

    Rebecca Sweeney – Living Lab Business Leader, Catapult
    17:00 - 18:00 Panel Reflections on the afternoon & Panel business All
    19th March 2024
    09:00 - 10:00

    Breakfast will be bought en route to AB1 to manage costs
    Overview of the Wick Heating project (heat network)

  • how the business model works/who supports it
  • how the scheme helps those in, or in danger of being, in fuel
  • what the demand is for the service
  • - how the Local Heat Energy Efficiency Strategy is helping
  • Matt Baker - Growth Officer for Gren Energy Ltd (owners of Ignis Wick Ltd)

    (by ‘phone)
    10:00 - 11:00 Aberdeen Heat & Power

  • overview of AH&P
  • the business model and the challenge of decarbonisation
  • how the Local Heat Energy Efficiency Strategy is coming together and how it will supoort a reduction in fuel poverty - Directors perspective
  • AH&P + Panel Jennifer Ritiche

    Business Manager + 2 Directors: Jean Morrison & Councillor Sandra Macdonald
    11:00 - 11:15 BREAK All
    11:15 - 12:30 Panel Business Panel
    12:30 - 13:30

    Lunch will be delivered to AB1, 48 Huntly Street, Aberdeen
    Lunch and Panel Reflection All

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