Hasan Kamran

Boardroom Apprenticeship

Hasan lives in Glasgow and works in Hamilton where he currently holds an apprenticeship in car mechanics. He studied at the University of Glasgow for a year where he achieved a Certificate of Higher Education in Civil Engineering with Architecture.  Hasan successfully applied for the UK Boardroom Apprenticeship Scheme and joined the Panel for a year, as its first Boardroom Apprentice, at the beginning of January. Hasan is committed to making a positive impact on organisations and communities. Hasan’s passionate about problem-solving and he aims to draw on this in contributing to the Panel as well as bringing his skills and experiences to Panel discussions. Hasan’s aim is to provide an additional perspective to help shape strategies to combat fuel poverty. Through active collaboration with the panel, he aims to learn the elements and factors which enable an advisory panel to make a lasting impact and difference within our communities. After the completion of his apprenticeship, Hasan hopes to serve on a panel in the third or public sector, enabling him to make positive changes for our current and future communities. 


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